7 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey Top 2016 Tips

Jessica Lewis
April 30, 2016

Raw Honey Benefits For Healing

Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid produced by bees. It is produced from the nectar of flowers or secretions of living parts of plants. It can also be produced by excretions of plant – sucking insects. The bees collect, transform and combine with the enzyme invertase containing the saliva of bees and stored in the honeycombs where it matures.

Seven of the most valuable health benefits of honey

Improves brain function

How does honey improve the brain function ? The main reason for this is that honey has a high calcium content.
Calcium plays an important role in the good functioning of our brain. Among the many benefits that calcium brings us, we also find the fact that neurons use calcium to produce an electrical signal. That electrical signal produced is conducted from one neuron to another to communicate the messages.

If there is not enough calcium in the brain, it will not function properly; and because providing proper brain functioning should occupy a crucial place in people’s lives, they can take their required amount of calcium by eating honey.

Honey, according to studies conducted by specialists, not only helps calcium absorption in the body, but also its establishment.

Helps to boost the immune system

The consumption of honey helps to stimulate the immune system through its antibacterial and antifungal properties.
These properties make honey ideal for boosting the immune system. Honey helps not only when ingested, but also when applied topically to the skin. These properties help clean wounds and cuts and also help to keep them free from infection. It means that honey it’s a natural antiseptic too.

Honey is beneficial to regularize the menstrual cycle

This is one thing that women will love about honey. Women are struggling with hormonal problems since forever and this is the reason why over time they have tried all kinds of methods to regulate their menstrual cycle.

Honey helps stimulate the production of omega acids. The amount of fatty acids produced in the body through consumption of honey helps to regulate the hormonal processes in the body. In this way, helping women to escape the discomfort and the unpleasant moods created by the hormonal disorder.

Helps preventing acne

Most of the people, especially women, have suffered or still suffer from acne. Skin problems can be very annoying, getting to destroy people’s confidence in them. Especially during adolescence when other people’s opinions matter a lot for young people. How can honey help to prevent skin problems ?

First of all, we have to go to the root of this skin condition and find out what’s leading to it. Looks like the acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance and bacterial colonization of the skin.

Honey is one of the best options for treating acne caused by bacteria. It helps to treat acne through various mechanisms:

  • it deprives microbes from the humidity that they need to survive.
  • reduces the surface pH of the skin where it is applied. Honey has a pH between 3.2 and 4.5. This acidity is sufficient to kill most germs.
  • it alters the cellular processes of the bacteria that require iron.
  • bees add also an enzyme called glucose oxidase. By the application of honey to the skin, this enzyme causes the local release of hydrogen
  • peroxide, an effective medicine against acne.

Honey Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Do you encounter difficulties when you want to sleep ? There are a few tips that can teach you how to sleep better. Eating honey before going to bed is one of them.

If we take honey before going to bed, we store glycogen in the liver, which will be supplying blood to the brain when you need it. This way it prevents a crisis triggered when it detects low levels of glycogen.

Besides that, consumption of honey stimulates relaxation and sleep at night. The sugar that honey contains produces a slight natural honey insulin secretion, which allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily and, therefore, allows the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone essential for the regulation of sleep.

Melatonin also regulates heart rate, helps improve immunity and facilitates tissue reconstruction overnight.
Studies have shown that consumption of 3 to 5 tablespoons of honey daily has no side effect, health risks or negative consequences on the body.
Therefore, it is recommended to consume a spoonful of honey with a glass of warm milk (which contains tryptophan), before bedtime to have a restful sleep.

Honey regulates the concentration of glucose in the blood

At first glance it might seem surprising, considering how sweet honey is. It is no secret that honey has more calories than sugar does (a tablespoon of sugar has 46 calories and the same amount of honey has 64 calories). Because of that, people tend to believe that it is more harmful, but the truth is exactly the opposite.

The secret of its ability to regulate the concentration of glucose in the blood is in the balance of fructose and glucose. When honey is consumed, the fructose portion allows the glucose to be taken up by the liver to form glycogen, which becomes available to the brain, heart, kidneys and red blood cells.

By doing this, honey improves the functioning of organs eliminating glucose circulation and thus reducing blood sugar.
Studies have shown that honey produces the highest percentage of glycogen than any more glycogen per gram than any other food.

Relieves stress

Natural honey delivers glycogen in the liver, which is the reserve of the energy needed by the brain for normal operation. We have enough glycogen if we consume natural honey at breakfast, before bed, and at regular intervals throughout the day (especially before and after exercise), these liver glycogen stores will prevent the release of stress hormones.

Other health benefits of honey:

  • honey can be used as a treatment for constipation (thanks to its high content in fructooligosaccharides (oligosaccharide fructans)[1] that when it reaches the colon has a mild laxative effect.
  • minimizes allergies ( thanks to the pollen that is found in the honey, when consumed together, allows the body to accept it and pollen allergy disappears).
  • the effects of dry skin can be reduced by applying honey on the skin
  • acts also as a moisturizer for lips when applied for a minute or so
  • provides natural antibiotics (acts both internally and externally)

We have discussed several ways to use honey to improve our health condition. Even if we eat honey (for breakfast with toast, before we go to bed with a glass of milk or a tablespoon for energy before a workout) and even if we apply it on the skin (after we take a bath or several times during the day to reduce the effect of dry lips) it still does an excellent job taking care of our body and its condition.