Accelerate Metabolic Rates With These 14 Simple Tips&Tricks

Jessica Lewis
May 20, 2016

How to Accelerate Your Metabolic Rates With These 14 Simple Tricks?

Let’s face it – weight loss diets are hard. Aside from having to eat healthy food in balanced amounts throughout the day, you also have to put quite a lot of effort into correct exercising on a regular basis. On the other hand, your struggles for a thinner and more sculpted body ultimately depend on your metabolism, which then ‘decides’ whether you effectively transform fat into energy or keep it for a little while longer.

And, even though some people seem to just burn through their calories regardless of how much they eat, others need a little pick-me-up from time to time to better process these nutrients and substances derived from their habitual meals.

Do you find yourself needing a fat-burning boost?

 Then stick around to learn how you can easily accelerate your metabolic rates with these 14 simple tricks:

  1. Chat on the phone while walking – next time somebody calls you for a longer chat, get to your feet and start pacing along while you talk. This simple act of walking at the same time you’re using your mobile phone can boost the body’s normal calorie burning while sitting down – 72 calories – to almost double that amount (143 calories) for each hour. Standing up and moving requires muscle motion, energy consumption, and better coordination for multitasking, so you’re actually engaging both your physical and mental capacities to do this otherwise simple and common activity. If your job doesn’t involve much talking on the phone, then at least remember to sit up and stretch around every hour or so to get your blood pumping and your metabolism ‘running’ properly.
  2. Add some spice to your meals – ever had a dish so spicy that you literally started sweating? Well, it seems that the spiciness factor of your meals could have something to do with weight loss boosting too, aside from adding a ‘kick’ of flavor to your food. Capsaicin – the substance found in paprika and chili peppers – has a thermogenic impact on the body, meaning that you could, therefore, start burning fat while eating such spicy ingredients. If you can stomach this type of condiments, then make a habit out of adding some chili powder, salsa or hot sauce on your food to facilitate faster metabolic processes, enhance flavor, and – why not – test out your ‘hotness’ limits while you’re there.
  3. Go bio right away – even though they might be a bit cheaper than their organic counterparts, pesticide-ridden vegetables, legumes, and fruit contain substances called ‘obesogens’, which are generally responsible with slow fat-burning and weight gaining that has the potential to degenerate into obesity in the long run. On the other hand, naturally grown produce has a lower or next to none toxic level associated to it, which translates into your body getting all the nutrients it needs to function correctly and not ‘stock’ up on extra pounds. And, when it comes to meat, aim for good quality parts derived from animals which have been specifically ‘grass-fed’.
  4. Drink, then eat – we’ve all been there: putting off eating for so long that you feel like you could gulp down your entire dish in an instant. Besides being very unhealthy to begin with, binge-eating without proper hydration can lead to serious digestive problems, weight retention, and slow fat oxidation. In order to avoid these unwanted scenarios, make sure you drink around 1-2 glasses of water before each main meal of the day. Not only will this water ‘kick’ make you feel satiated faster and cut down on your calorie intake, but it will also help you lose with an average of almost 16 pounds more every 3 months. This metabolic boost is owed to water’s reenergizing, hydrating, and mood regulating properties. Aside from plain water, be sure to include leafy greens and natural teas in your normal eating regime for increased results.
  5. Ditch coffee for green tea – as mentioned before, coffee can be an amazing addition to your metabolic-boosting arsenal, but only if consumed in moderate amounts. For instance, having 3 cups of coffee each day is not good for either your nervous system or your liver, so seriously consider meeting your caffeine needs with healthier, yet equally efficient alternatives. One of these is green tea, a natural coffee substitute that simultaneously elevates your antioxidant intake (catechins, for example), enhances your energy levels, and boosts your visceral fat-burning endeavors. Opt for freshly brewed, unsweetened tea to maintain all those beneficial nutrients intact and increase your calorie metabolism by around 100 calories every day. While commercially bottled green tea might seem like the more practical approach, even good quality brands pack their products with hidden sugars and additives, so take some extra time to brew a fresh cup for yourself and the weight loss results will not fail to show quickly enough.
  6. Go for a whey protein smoothie – not only are smoothies a great way to include healthy nutrients into your everyday diet, but they can also highly boost your metabolism. So, next time you’re preparing your favorite vegetable or fruit drink, make sure to combine with a serving of whey protein powder as well. This ingredient has been shown to contribute to a variety of weight-shedding processes, including fat burning, muscle maintenance, and generating the feeling of satiety. Since the non-animal protein component of this powder produces a thermogenic effect on your organism, you will end up transforming fat into energy instead of storing it in the form of anesthetic rolls and flabbiness. So, with no calories and no nasty aftertaste, whey protein power can be easily introduced in your normal eating habits for enhanced fat oxidation.
  7. Choose yogurt as a snack – if you’ve accidentally come across a yogurt commercial lately, then you’ve probably heard a thing or two about probiotics. These ‘friendly’ bacteria are actually already present in your gastrointestinal system, helping you achieve a strong immunity system, regulate your moods, and, most importantly, maintain healthy digestive patterns and ensure correct nutrient absorption. That being said, feel free to rely on low-fat dairy products as a light and filling snack that will boost your metabolism and promote visceral fat elimination. Moreover, fermented foods like brine pickles and sauerkraut make for tasty and gut-friendly side dishes as well, their probiotic content also enabling faster calorie burning. Some studies have revealed that having a constant source of ‘good’ bacteria in your diet can significantly accelerate weight loss over periods longer than 12 weeks at a time.
  8. Have some coffee – while most of us rely on a strong brew in the morning to get us up and running, we seldom think about the consequences coffee really has on our body aside from the ‘waking up’ factor. Thus, this tasty and refreshing drink has the potential to give you a considerable energy boost and provide you with some useful antioxidants – that is, as long as you ditch the heavy cream, sugars, and other useless flavor enhancers which only make your caloric intake skyrocket. A simple, black cup of coffee is all that you need for better training performance – if you drink it before exercising, then you’ll definitely become more alert and subsequently increase your fat oxidizing effectiveness; if you have your coffee post-training, then your energy stock will be restored 70% quicker than otherwise, generating better muscle support and a more active metabolism.
  9. Laugh the weight away – although laughter is known to be good for the soul, it would appear that it is also good for weight shedding. Consequently, quality entertainment can help you burn calories even when you’re not exercising by decreasing the levels of cortisol (also known as the ‘stress hormone’) in your organism, which would otherwise lead to emotional eating and difficult digestive processes. Secondly, having a hearty laughing session can literally transform a good mood into a fast metabolism one, with some research claiming that a short, but intense laughter break can increase your fat burning with anything between 10-20% for fairly extended periods of time. From internet cats videos to funny jokes your co-workers compete to come up with, it can hence be really simple to take a break from everyday chores, have a nice time, and drop pounds in the meanwhile as well.
  10. Fidgeting is not a bad thing – are you generally a restless person? Do you often find yourself annoying others by bouncing your leg or drumming your fingers against hard surfaces? It turns out that this ‘bad’ habit might not actually be that bad at all, particularly when it comes to weight loss. Some studies have put forward that fidgeting can be scientifically considered as NEAT, namely ‘non-exercise activity thermogenesis’. As the name suggests, such movements have the ability to accelerate the organism’s natural metabolic rates with up to an additional 350 calories daily. Other on-the-spot exercises (walking while you’re chatting on the phone, sprinting up the stairs, dancing in your seat, etc.) can also enhance this fat oxidation in time and sneak in small doses of training besides your regular exercising time.
  11. Don’t skip snacks – many people undergoing either weight loss diets or embarking on healthier lifestyles than before appear to believe that skipping snacks in between meals will save them up on calories – wrong. Throughout the day, your body will naturally experience sugar spikings and thus generate cravings of all sorts, which, when left unsatisfied, will increase your chance of both consuming unhealthy foods and actually slow down your metabolism – after all, why would your body burn up all that stored fat if it already knows you’re not going to supply it with more energy ‘fuel’ later on? Snacks like fresh or dried fruit (apples, berries, etc.), vegetables (carrots, celery, etc.), nuts, and dairy products can easily create a feeling of fullness with very few calories involved, besides intensifying your organism’s natural fat-burning mechanisms.
  12. Chew your food carefully – although it might seem impossible at first, do try to make time and enjoy your meals in a peaceful and not time-pressuring environment. When they’re ‘on the clock’, people tend to just munch down on their food as quickly as possible, which then brings cramps, bloating, and an overall slowed down the digestive process. Another issue is that of over-eating since the satiating hormone ‘cholecystokinin’ takes a while to kick in, especially when you’re taking bite after bite. The result is that you’ll feel unwell and store fat more easily at the same time. So chew mindfully and try to be as present as you can while eating to become satiated faster, have better digestive patterns, and accelerate your metabolic rates.
  13. Rely on seafood – although seafood comes through as something of a ‘fancy’ meal for many, it’s in fact extremely simple to include into everyday dishes and have it effortlessly promote effective fat-elimination processes within the body. For example, you could add some salmon to your salad to complete its fiber and vitamin count with even more minerals and essential fatty acids (omega-3) that will not only fill you up faster but will also enhance your protein levels. Moreover, taking fish oil regularly as a health supplement can increase muscle stability and enable weight loss faster since scientists argue that this substance can decrease the body’s natural fat-storing enzymes.
  14. Cut down on technology – as some recent studies have concluded, the blue light emitted by most pieces of technology nowadays (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) has the capacity to influence cravings and hunger levels, more so when utilized either before or after a meal. To make matters worse, using this sort of technology while you’re eating can significantly reduce portion control and distract your brain from actually starting to feel full quicker. Therefore, you should aim to limit your exposure to these modern contraptions during mealtimes if you want to seriously pursue your weight loss goals and simultaneously increase calorie-reduction. Not to mention that, in this way, you could also spend some quality time socializing with your friends and family or simply enjoy a moment of quality solitude by yourself.