Apple: The Forbidden Fruit or a Healthy Miracle for Humans

Jessica Lewis
May 10, 2016

Apple Health Benefits Exposed

Apple is the most famous fruit in the world and also one of the oldest.  Apple may be one of the first fruits consumed by humans and one of the first to cultivate.

It already existed in the Paradise, as we know from the Adam and Eve’s story. (Eve gave Adam an apple). The book of Genesis tells us and whether or not the story of Eve’s apple is true, which is a fact is that the apple is prior to the Paleolithic.

Apple_History660x883Apple arrived in Europe from the Middle East and on this continent, it evolved, mainly thanks to the Greco-Roman culture.

The origin of apple trees is wild, but the man quickly grew it, refine it, and took it with them in their migrations through Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In the time of Julius Caesar, a grafting called Metis got the best apples thanks to the grafts. He was the one who gave the name “apple” to the fruit of the apple. It is from the word “Mazama” which in Latin is the name of the crafter.

The Romans sought immortality by consuming an apple. This is why wealthier people always reserved a plantation of apple trees in El Bierzo, Leon. The rooms for storing apples were called “pomarium room”.

Many centuries later when tomato arrives in Italy from America, it’s called “Pomodoro”, which means golden apple.

The Spanish took the fruit of the apple to America and spread it throughout  the continent. There were born new varieties of apple trees through grafting. Today they are the most consumed known under the names: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith. (which is Australian).

The apple is known as “the fruit of sin” for what happened to Adam and Eve. However, this natural delight has more than a thousand properties.

4 Reasons to consume an apple a day

1. It moisturizes our body due to its high water content which is about 80% of its composition.

2. By having soluble and insoluble fibers, it may be employed both with constipation and diarrhea.

In the first case it is necessary to consume it raw, shell; and in the second case, it is necessary to consume it roasted or as a compote.

3. It is diuretic.
Reduces fluid accumulation, cramps in the lower limbs and thigh blood pressure due to its large amount of potassium.

4. Among the vitamins that we found in apples, we find the E group well-known as a strong antioxidant.

White-fleshed fruit and red skin, yellow or green, apple has a moderate and refreshing sweet taste. However, its properties go beyond it.

Health  Benefits of Apples

Apple_Helth200x200It is highly effective against cancer

The apple peel has pectin. This fiber protects the intestinal mucosa, so if you wash the apple before eating, you do not have to peel the fruit in order to enjoy all its benefits.

Several studies show that pectin has a decisive role in preventing certain types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

It’s an ally in the fight against diabetes

The secret of the apples and its benefits is in its phytochemicals that help reduces blood sugar and blood fats. Therefore, it is advisable for diabetics and people with high cholesterol to consume at least two apples a day.

This fruit can purify and cleanse the blood.

Apple fights heart disease and strokes

One of the apple  phytochemicals is quercetin, which helps to prevent cardiovascular problems, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and even muscle spasm.

The apple has flavor ideas that can reduce the risk of asthma and bronchial diseases.

The pectin in apple prevents cholesterol build up on the inner walls of blood vessels, which reduces the chance of developing atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Apple also contains potassium, a mineral that helps to control blood pressure and to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

It helps digestion

The apple has a tartaric and malic acid, which help us to have a better digestion of the fats we consume.

It is advisable to eat this fruit for dessert after a heavy intake, either at noon or at night. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow glucose to increase rapidly after meals.

Improves our brain function

Apple increases cognitive abilities due to their beneficial contribution of sugars to our brain. One could say that eating an apple before going to school or before studying for an exam is like Popeye spinach.
It increases mental abilities, helps us to be more productive, to incorporate much more information, and perform better in any field.

This fruit helps us to lose weight

It is perfect for people who are dieting or suffering from an anxiety disorder for food. This is because the apple satiates our appetite and prevents us from eating more.
A person can eat as much as he / she wants without restriction and it will help to lose weight and also to feel more energetic.
Eating a medium-sized apple about 15 minutes before a meal reduces by up to 15% the number of calories consumed.

apple_types_330x660Apple varieties can be classified into five groups based on their visual appearance

a) yellow
b) red
c) green
d) two-color
e) and Pippin

Yellow apples are prevailing in the French market. The Golden Delicious variety is the queen of the yellow varieties.

The Red Group consists of the family of Red Delicious and the original variety. Red Delicious has resulted in many varieties.

Granny Smith variety is the most representative group of green apples. It is bright green  and uniform and the fruit is compact, juicy, with slightly acidic flesh.

Within the group of two-color, all varieties of more than one color are classified. In general, they are more or less intense red color in a part of the fruit and yellow or green on the other.

Side Effects of Apple Consumption

Apples are perfectly healthy and safe for most people, as long as you avoid eating the seeds.

The seeds contain cyanide, which is a poisonous substance.
However, a cup of seeds would be needed to get enough cyanide to cause death.

There are some people who may have some allergy symptoms. Those who are allergic to strawberries, pears peaches and almonds, may suffer allergy symptoms with apple too.

Rich in fiber, vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and flavonoids, apple accelerates weight loss and also helps to prevent chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
The apple is such a nutritious fruit due to its large amount of dietary fiber. An average size fruit provides nearly 15% of the amount of fiber that our body requires daily. It is well-known that fiber can help relieve the suffering from diarrhea, constipation, pain, and bloating

Apple fiber can also control hemorrhoids. (swollen veins in the anus while not indicate any serious risk, can be very painful). Something fundamental in controlling this disease is to avoid constipation, so the consumption of apple can facilitate the process of going tot the bathroom, and thus relieve hemorrhoids.

An investigation by Bagram Arjamandi, expert from the University of Florida, says that women who eat apples reduce by 23% the bad cholesterol and increase by 4% the good one, compared to those that follow another type of diet.[1]

Studies have shown that those who ate a piece of an apple a day were less likely to smoke and had higher levels of education and intelligence. The consumption of this fruit can be a sign of a healthier lifestyle.
This is because the apple is a good source of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and flavonoids.

It can be taken as a dessert, at breakfast, as a snake mid-morning, when we feel anxiety or hunger, at bedtime or before sports.

This fruit does not provide significant amounts of calories or sugars and can be consumed at any age, being one of the healthiest food in the entire world.

With all this being said, remember that an apple a day keeps the doctor away !