Brestrogen Reviews | Don’t Buy Until You Read This

Jessica Lewis
December 16, 2021

Brestrogen is a relatively new breast augmentation cream that provides women with long-term benefits and a nice-looking cleavage. According to its manufacturer, the product is the safest and most natural way to improve the aspect of your breasts after only 30 days of use. This happens because of its powerful formula made of pure Pueraria Mirifica extract, one of the Asian continent’s miracle plants. A series of studies, as well as the local people’s statements on the subject, is but proof of why it is currently regarded as an “Elixir of Youth”.

Many women nowadays associate the idea of femininity with how their bodies look. Each and every one of them wants to look and feel great in their skin. There is nothing wrong with linking self-worth with your body, but there are more important factors you should consider if want to be more confident in yourself. Unfortunately, that is not the case for many women. Aging, pregnancy, or weight loss will affect the way your breasts look and, more importantly, how you choose to see them. Chances are, an increasing number of women dislike the way they look. What triggers this? Most probably a low self-esteem and society’s standards that become nearly impossible to reach by the day. For some women who choose to overlook the dangers, expensive treatments and risky surgeries are the only solutions to this. For others, it is the breast enlargement pills or the classic push-up bra. There are also some of them who use physical exercise as a means to improve their breasts’ aspect. However, the thing about this classic solution is that rather than contributing to an enlargement of the fat tissue, it targets the muscle mass.  This way, it might make one look more toned but not necessarily help the bust. All these come in handy at first, but in time they are sure to disappoint you unless you use or practice them on a regular basis.

There is one particular cream relatively new on the market that might solve some of your problems, should you give it a try. It is called Brestrogen and is the newest invention coming from specialists in health and medicine. We have reviewed the product and are rather pleased with the information we have acquired, both on its constituents and mechanism of action. However, the relatively small number of studies conducted on the cream( and not necessarily its ingredients) should make one think twice before trying it. Solely from this point of view, more information is needed by future users.

Brestrogen Ingredients

brestogen_breast_enhancement_200x287While there are many creams with possibly a similar mechanism of action, Brestrogen’s formula is what makes it stand out. All the ingredients integrated into Brestrogen’s structure are safe and 100% natural. Pueraria Mirifica, a term coined in the early 1950s’, is its most important compound and is currently harvested from the wild forests of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The exotic plant has been used by the medicine people living in both Thailand and Myanmar for thousands of years as a means to promote youthfulness and delay the aging process. Modern studies conducted on Pueraria Mirifica show that, aside from its skin-related benefits, it can successfully be used as a female hormone supplement. One might wonder how this is possible. The answer stays behind the plant’s main constituent. More precisely, Pueraria Mirifica contains a particular estrogen-like substance, namely phytoestrogen, which not only mimics the hormone but also provides your breasts with an increased blood flow which equals extra firmness.

Aside from this, the plant can help the body in many other ways, being beneficial for patients suffering from osteoporosis, women at menopause, or people who want to lose weight and increase their sex drive.

Specialists from the St. Marianna University School of Medicine have conducted a study on a group of fifty Japanese women aged 20 to 49 to see how potent Pueraria Mirifica, Brestrogen’s main ingredient, truly is. The participants were given the plant in the form of capsules for seven consecutive days in doses that varied from 100 to 600 milligrams. After the project had ended, the results showed an increase in breast size and a more firm aspect for no less than 70% of the women.

Another study, this time conducted by experts from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, indicated that the participants’ breasts were 80% larger at the end of the project. Moreover, it was shown that the plant could also benefit the skin and hair aside from helping the breasts’ aspect.

However, women who have a family history of breast and ovarian cancer or those who are currently suffering from either one must not use Brestrogen and any other cream containing estrogen-like compounds.

Other nutrients present in Brestrogen’s formula are:

  • Coumestrol is a natural organic compound that has gained a lot of popularity among scientists thanks to its estrogenic properties. In a nutshell, what it does is mimic the activity of the main female hormone, estrogen, when inside the human body by binding to the Estrogen Receptors Alpha and Beta. However, it is good to take into account that coumestrol does not have the hormone’s exact mechanism of action. Moreover, when used in treating certain medical conditions, it might have the opposite effect. One study showed that female rats treated with coumestrol registered an anti-estrogenic activity at the level of the brain and more specifically at that of the pituitary gland. Even so, the same research project concluded that the compound did have a noticeable effect on the peripheral reproductive tissues. The largest coumestrol quantities are found in Lima beans, Kala Chana, or Alfalfa sprouts. At the present moment, this phytoestrogen represents a subject of research for specialists in medicine.
  • Isoflavones constitute a class of phytoestrogens naturally occurring in the bean family, but can also be found in other legumes and even in animal products such as eggs and dairy. Similar to coumestrol, they were shown to alleviate certain symptoms of menopause and even so of women suffering from breast cancer. Unlike the former compound, isoflavones do not enjoy numerous studies conducted in their manner of action, in spite of being thoroughly tested regarding chemical composition. They only bind to the Estrogen receptor-beta, and in some cases do not show any activity whatsoever due to their property of being selective estrogen receptor modulators(SERM). Also, recent clinical trials have indicated that they might even trigger side effects, especially when used extensively.
  • Miroestrol is much rarer and can be found only in Pueraria Mirifica’s structure. Much more potent than soy’s isoflavones, it has both estrogen quantity-enhancing and anti-oxidant properties. It is also a SERM which means it only associates with specific estrogen receptors to avoid excessive production. Miroestrol is approximately 3000 times stronger than isoflavones, but this does not affect the body’s estrogen levels in any way as the compound only binds to the receptors.
  • Deoxymiroestrol: also found in Pueraria Mirifica’s chemical composition, it is a phytoestrogen that turns into miroestrol when exposed to oxygen.

All of these constituents support breast growth by stimulating fibroblast production. Aside from them, Brestrogen also contains vitamin E that acts as a protector against free radicals and toxins.

How does it work?

Brestrogen works by enhancing the volume of your breasts through its well-designed formula packed with powerful constituents. The cream also provides you with a soft and youthful aspect, thanks to Pueraria Mirifica’s phytoestrogens. These particular compounds which imitate estrogen’s manner of action, lengthen the milk ducts in the breasts and stimulate collagen production. The cream’s main ingredient anti-aging properties are backed by scientific evidence to assure the customer that the product is a top-quality one. Furthermore, Pueraria Mirifica also supports and shapes the breasts’ ligaments and alleviates menopause symptoms, so your body is sure to benefit from using Brestrogen in various ways.

According to the manufacturer, if you use the cream for five consecutive months, not only will your breasts will look firmer and lifted, but they will also be two sizes larger. Even so, is there any truth to these claims? Most probably yes, and here is why.

How to use Brestrogen?

The cream works the best if applied twice daily for at least one month. During this period, one should notice an increase by at least one cup.  Even if you try it for one week only, you will see an improvement, albeit minor, but visible enough to make you want to use it for longer. However, the producer advises future clients to use it for up to 5 months to enjoy its benefits for longer and even register an increase by a couple of cups. Also, the results of most studies were based on the experiences of women with average body weight. Because of this, the cream’s effect might vary from one person to the other. The cream is very easy to use: just pour three drops of it in the palm of your hand then massage the specific area, once in the morning and again at night on clean skin. Brestrogen will be quickly absorbed afterward thanks to its natural formula.

Is it safe to use?

Brestrogen is safe to use for any woman over the age of 21 with no underlying medical condition. Whereas Pueraria Mirifica enjoys numerous studies and has proven both its efficacy and safety, some people might present allergies to some of its compounds. As in the case of any other product, it is good to consult your GP before using Brestrogen as well. Moreover, women who suffer from breast, uterine or ovarian cancer should avoid any type of creams that contains estrogen-like constituents as they can increase the number of harmful cells. Women on birth control pills are to consult with a professional before giving the cream a try to avoid further complications. There is no information in regards to possible interference between the cream’s ingredients and other medical treatments.

What are the Pros of using Brestrogen?

Like any other product designed for this particular body part, Brestrogen has some advantages that are common to those of other similar creams as well as others that are more specific.

  • It contains 100% natural and scientifically proven ingredients
  • It does not have any known side effects
  • Its principal ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, is backed by scientific research and enjoys a large number of positive reviews
  • It has a pleasant smell, similar to that of facial beauty products
  • It is easy to use: just apply the cream on your breasts twice daily after you shower, so the area is clean, and its compounds can be more easily absorbed
  • It does not stick to your clothes; Brestrogen is quickly absorbed into the skin, so you do not have to worry about the potential damage done to your favorite blouse.
  • You will see the first results within seven days; however, if you want to enjoy a more lasting effect, you should use the cream for at least five months
  • It can increase your breast size by 1 or 2 cups, depending on their initial size, genes, and general lifestyle
  • It is affordable when compared with other similar products, and even more so when we talk about expensive and risky surgeries
  • Brestrogen helps you regain the natural shape of your breasts through its main ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, appreciated for its properties
  • It comes with a 45-day guarantee, which is enough time for you to test it; even so, chances are you will want to use it in case you notice even the slightest improvement

What are the Cons of Using the Cream?

Whereas it might appeal to some women, there are some things to take into consideration that could make you not like Brestrogen that much.

  • The results are not the same for everyone
  • Some people might not be inclined to invest such a long period in trying it and want to see faster results
  • You will notice little improvement even after you use it two times a day for seven days; the cream should be used for at least five months for you to see that it actually works
  • While Pueraria Mirifica’s properties are sustained by the results of many studies, Brestrogen has yet to enjoy the same treatment. There are no known clinical trials that might prove its efficacy. Because of this, the manufacturer’s claims and positive reviews might not be enough to make one want to try it
  • You cannot buy it from a drug store, but only through its official website

Who Makes Brestrogen?

The cream is brought to you by RDK Global, a Dallas-based company that provides you with an entire array of all-natural and top-quality supplements. The team behind the product is made of 50 talented and hard-working people that are permanently at your service. RDK Global not only ships on the United States territory but also has satisfied clients coming from Europe, the UK, or Australia. If you are interested in finding out more about them, make sure you contact them by phone or e-mail.

Where to Buy Brestrogen?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to find Brestrogen anywhere besides its website. So if you think you saw it on a shelf at the local drug store, know that it was probably another product. You cannot even order it from Amazon. The authentic breast enhancing cream is sold only through its official webpage, so you will have to browse the internet for it, should you want to buy it. Luckily for you, RDK Global is a 100% trustable company that is sure to deliver it to you safely, securely, and in no time.

As mentioned before, the manufacturer puts emphasis on continuous use for several months in a row. Thus, people interested in it will have to buy at least two boxes.

Brestrogen comes with a 45-day guarantee, which is enough time for you to test it and decide if you want one more box. In case you have issues of any kind or want a refund, make sure you contact client service support. Fill in the form with your data and the problem you have encountered. A staff member will receive your e-mail and provide you with a solution as fast as possible.

Should you Buy Brestrogen?

In spite of lacking proper clinical studies, Brestrogen is one of those products meant to enjoy great popularity among women. Is it because of its principal ingredient, Pueraria Mirifica, used for ages in beauty rituals? Or is it because it is a risk-free, less expensive procedure that presents no potential harm to its users? After a quick browse on the internet, we have found out that the number of positive reviews and satisfied customers outnumbers their negative counterparts. Many women who have tried the product claim to have noticed the first signs of improvement from the very beginning. Moreover, most of them saw a significant enlargement of a youthful skin aspect and larger, firmer breasts that were soft to touch.

You might be one of those women who want to find the best such cream on the market at the present moment. Also, you might dream of enjoying a fuller cleavage and boosting your self-confidence while at the same time falling in love with the way your body looks. Well, we might have given you the answer to all your questions in the review above. Whereas its effect is strongly dependent on one’s genes and body type, the cream might work wonders in your case, so you have nothing to lose in either case.