Capsiplex Sport Plus Reviews | Pre-workout Weight Loss Supplement

Jessica Lewis
November 29, 2016

Capsiplex Sport is a pre-workout supplement that promises to enhance your physical activity and boost metabolism so you can burn calories faster and more efficiently.

Obesity and overweight are two of the terms currently enjoying more popularity than they should. Not only do they seriously disturb one’s mental health and the way he perceives himself, but can also trigger the occurrence of severe medical conditions such as type II diabetes, stroke or atherosclerosis. How can we fix the problem? Doctors advise us to reconsider our food choices and workout more. However, because many of us are not exactly fans of strict diets and sport, we are still offered a solution: dietary supplements. Moreover, should we combine these three, we are sure to obtain the body of our dreams. Still, how to pick the product that suits us the best and is entirely safe at the same time? Luckily for us, there are many supplements on the market we can choose from to ease our jobs. Capsiplex Sport is such an aid that sustains the weight loss process and improves the energy levels as to help you reach your goals in less time and with less effort.

What is Capsiplex Sport?

Capsiplex Sport is a new product on the market. Regardless of this aspect, it is quite famous amongst weight loss aid users thanks to its antecessor, Capsiplex, which was more specialized in helping people burn fat and not necessarily improve stamina. Even so, the more recent version is an overall better one because of how it works and what it targets. If this was not enough, its manufacturer enjoys great popularity and is regarded as a top brand for good reason. In a nutshell, Capsiplex Sport is regarded as one of the most practical solutions for people who want to stay fit easier and could as well benefit from such a product.

However, the supplement might stand out from other similar products due to a number of research projects that indicate one might burn an additional 278 calories per day only by using it. Moreover, one study has shown that even the oxygen intake can be visibly improved, with some of the participants registering an additional uptake of no less than 7.5%. This all happens thanks to its formula which contains pure capsicum extract, a compound with thermogenic effect. This means the body uses a certain amount of calories to digest the food one has just eaten. The number of calories burned is strongly dependent on the type of food and the class of macronutrients.

Used by athletes and people who go to the gym rather frequently, Capsiplex Sport can as well be used by individuals who look for a way to get in shape and stay that way.

About the Manufacturer

Capsiplex Sport is produced by Bauer Nutrition, member of the Bauer Group DMCC. The manufacturer enjoys a good popularity, with many people regarding it as a top brand and for good reason. The team behind the products is comprised of specialists in fitness and wellbeing, with a vast experience in the field which recommends them and the supplements they design. They are currently registered under ERGO Group Limited. All the ingredients they use are backed by scientific research in terms of safety and effectiveness. In addition, the company’s manufacturing conditions are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the main authority that regulates such products on the US territory. Bauer Nutrition’s offices are located in Dubai, the United States and UK.

 How does Capsiplex Sport work?

Capsaicin, the main ingredient found in Capsiplex Sport, is what makes it so amazingly efficient. Scientifically speaking, the compound is an alkaloid which offers the red chili its spicy flavor. In mammals, it can irritate the epithelium and cause the burning sensation. In plants, it represents a potent defense mechanism against animals. The red chili pepper extract causes an increase in body temperature which in turn leads to a higher metabolic rate and a better fat burning process. Aside from this, capsaicin, when used as a cream, can provide relief from an array of serious medical conditions such as:

  • Pain after surgery
  • Nervous system problems
  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infection

Furthermore, specialists have shown that topic capsaicin can hasten the healing of mouth sores that can occur after chemotherapy and radiation. Also, it might be beneficial in fighting inflammation, could act as an anti-oxidant and might even possess anti-cancer properties but there is not enough clinic information in this regard.

However, the compound by itself is not extremely potent unless mixed with the ingredients we have listed below and that are part of Capsiplex Sport’s formula:

  • L-arginine is an amino-acid often included in body-building supplements as a means to speed up recovery as well as alleviate the pain due to muscle cell damage. What it does is raise the nitric oxide levels which means the blood flow is improve as to allow for a better oxygen and nutrient transportation. Whereas the human body is able to produce the amino-acid, the quantity is enough for the everyday processes only. That is why you might as well take advantage of a supply through which you can improve your workouts and recover faster.
  • Caffeine is more of a stimulant rather than a weight loss compound, but this is what makes it appropriate in Capsipelx Sport’s overall formula. While some studies show its ability to improve focus, others indicate that it could also provide the user with longer-lasting endurance and might even suppress the appetite for a while. However, there is evidence according to which caffeine is not the most appropriate ingredient to use in weight loss supplements as larger doses are sure to increase adrenaline levels.
  • Piperine, the extract from black pepper responsible for its flavor, is often times used to ease the absorption of other ingredients and increase their bioavailability. What it does is impede the manner of action of certain enzymes that would otherwise attack the molecules coming from an external source. Many supplement manufacturers use piperine in the chemical structure of their products to make them more powerful and help the body access the nutrients faster.
  • Niacin, commonly known as Vitamin B3, fights physical fatigue and supports higher energy levels. It also acts as a vasodilator.

The other ingredients found in the supplement’s formula are:

  • Vitamin A is involved in the process of cell communication and reproduction; it has been extensively used in supplements due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties
  • Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which sustains the health of the body’s connective tissues by regenerating them. By using it, one can reduce the time of healing for wounds. In supplements it can be found in the form of ascorbic acid which has a better bioavailability and is also cheaper than many other variations.
  • Provitamins B1, B2, E and P
  • Potassium and magnesium are two minerals known to reduce general fatigue and maintain proper energy levels for longer by supporting a healthy heart and brain.
  • Scopoletin, member of the coumarins group, represents a class of phytochemicals with hormone and blood-regulating properties. The latter capacity is related to its mechanism of action through which it can lower the blood pressure when it is higher than normal and help raise it when it reaches a minimum.

Aside from these compounds that constitute the pill’s inner structure, the exterior capsule is made of animal gelatin. Because there are athletes and bodybuilders who follow a vegetarian diet, Capsiplex Sport might not be the most suitable product for them.

There are no known side effects associated with Capsiplex Sport’s use, because the constituents are 100% safe and have already been used for decades in more popular supplements as well. The only ingredient that might raise concern is caffeine that is known to accelerate the nervous system’s function and produce body reactions, albeit minor ones. However, given that the amount used in every pill is small, the user will not be affected in the least.

Pros and Cons of Capsiplex Plus

Unlike other products, Capsiplex Sport does have a number of studies conducted on its structure and mechanism of action as to indicate its reliability. One such research project which involved two groups(one taking Capsiplex and the other using a placebo pill) showed that:

  • The calories burned prior to and during a workout were three times more for the first group
  • The calorie-burning process went on for several hours after the physical activity has ended for the participants given Capsiplex Sport

If this is the case, then is the manufacturer making big claims when stating that the product helps you burn about 278 calories before, during and after a workout? If you thought so until now, then you might want to reconsider your opinion. Here are some advantages to using the supplement:

  • It is easy to use: you only need to take one pill per day
  • You should do so about half an hour before heading to a gym
  • It is equally efficient for men and women
  • People aged eighteen or older can use it
  •  A single pill can help you burn at least an additional 278 calories per day if used as directed
  • Its powerful formula raises your energy levels and provides you with improved strength and endurance
  • You will experience some of its effects ever since the first use
  • The caffeine integrated in its structure sustains cognitive function and boosts concentration
  • Some ingredients act like vasodilators; this means the blood flows more easily through your veins so that the oxygen and nutrients can reach your muscles faster and support their activity
  • Your muscles will be leaner and you will have a more toned body
  • Its ingredients are safe, all-natural and blend nicely with each other
  • There are no known side effects for the product’s overall formula

The capsules have a unique design which allows the ingredients to be broken down only when they reach a more resistant area of the digestive tract as not to cause irritation. Still, how is this possible? Each Capsiplex Sport pill is made of three layers with distinct roles:

  • An inner core containing the Capsicum layer
  • A middle layer made to preserve the red chilli pepper extract
  • A non-irritating outer layer which protects the stomach

However, Capsiplex Sport is not free of disadvantages:

  • You can find it only on the internet if you want to buy it
  • There is no information in regards to the amount in which every ingredient is present in the product’s formula
  • You should follow a healthy diet and do regular workouts in order for it to function
  • Although unlikely, you might experience headaches and stomach cramps

There are users who want to see immediate results, but because all the ingredients are natural, it might take the body a while to properly absorb them. As a result, many such people might not be satisfied with its mechanism of action and the period of time the manufacturer advises one to use the product as to see visible results.


You must take one Capsipelx Sport pill per day 30 minutes before a workout for at least a month to see actual improvement, but some people prefer ingesting it in the morning and not when they head to the gym. Make sure you follow the directions as instructed otherwise the supplement will not work in the desired manner. Moreover, drinking plenty of water will allow for a better absorption. Capsiplex Sport is not to be combined with any other dietary or muscle-building supplement for it to work. Its formula is strong enough to target both the fat deposits and energy levels as to provide the user with results faster and easier.

Who should never use Capsiplex Sport?

If caffeine has some side effects to it such as an increase in adrenaline levels and even shaking, the red chilli pepper extract might cause hot flushes. While this might not be the case with this particular product, as the dosage is a safe one, there are some persons who should avoid using it:

  • People under the age of 21
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women (capsaicin and caffeine have been shown to have an effect on the health of the digestive and nervous systems)
  • People with underlying medical conditions (the compounds might be natural and regarded as safe, but this does not mean they cannot trigger unwanted symptoms)
  • Individuals who present signs of or suffer from any kind of gastrointestinal condition (capsaicin is among the most potent ingredients to affect the stomach)
  • People who have allergies to any of its compounds (more specifically the plant-based ones)
  • People who are highly sensitive to caffeine (they might experience seizures, shaking or dizziness or shortness of breath)

While there are clients who might have experienced some of them, major side effects are not expected to occur in any user, thanks to the capsule’s design which releases the capsaicin in a more resistant part of the digestive system without affecting the stomach.

Also, vegetarians and vegans are unlikely to use it, because the capsules are made of animal-based gelatin. Read the label thoroughly and avoid further complication.

 Where to Buy Capsiplex?

Unlike other products, you can buy Capsiplex Sport from its official website as well as other retail shops including Amazon, GNG or Walmart. Even so, if you find the latter not trust-worthy enough, then stick to the first option.

If you are new to it and only want to test it, then buy one bottle and see if it works in your case.

There are no shipping fees for the orders, but the client can pay some charges that account for the shipping manner. Capsiplex Sport comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee, which means there is plenty of time for you to try the supplement and see how it function. In case you are not satisfied with it and want to receive a refund, make sure you contact the company’s client service support anytime during the sixty-day period. Your request will be received within 48 hours and you will be offered an answer as soon as possible. The manufacturer does not require the bottle to be full for you to receive your money back.

Will Capsiplex Sport Work for You?

With such a wide array of products designed to make one slimmer while supporting a healthy lifestyle, Capsiplex Sport definitely stands out. While you might wonder what makes it so amazing, just consider this: unlike other supplements designed to boost metabolism and provide you with extra energy, Capsiplex Sport’s effect is backed by scientific research. Furthermore, there are enough studies up to the present moment that make of it a top name among others of its kind. In addition, the product enjoys numerous client reviews, of which most of them are positive and urge other people to at least give it a try. The supplement featured in numerous United States magazines and newspapers as well as in famous TV shows. So, will it work in your case as well? As far as we are concerned, Capsiplex Sport is far from being your average fat burning supplement. With a formula enriched with some of the best ingredients that target your body’s areas most prone to fat deposits, the product will surely become a number one choice among users in the near future. Therefore, whether you are a professional athlete or hit the gym because you want to shed the extra pounds, this may be the ideal product in any situations.