17 Major Changes You Should Make In Your Fridge To Lose Weight Fast | How to Do it

Jessica Lewis
May 25, 2016

Benefits of a Healthy Fridge

If you too have gone through all the possible weight slimming options by now, then you probably know that the beginning of each new diet should be marked by a ‘purging’ session of the kitchen pantry, and – most importantly – the fridge. On the other hand, slipping into bad habits is so much easier when these culinary spaces are full of sugary, fatty, and generally unhealthy foods ‘staring’ you right in the face. But what if you could ditch fading diets and begin the journey towards an overall healthier and figure-slimming lifestyle regime by simply making a few quick and simple alterations to your icebox? Well, believe it or not, here are the 17 changes you should make in your fridge to lose weight fast and keep the pounds at bay for longer:

  • Take care of the herbs

    Obviously, choosing fresh herbs instead of their dried and packaged version is the first step towards healthier and more aromatic cooking, hence to faster metabolic rates and lower fat readings in time. Aside from the enhanced antioxidant and nutrient intake, seeing green herbs in your fridge will give you a better mental incentive to start cooking more meals for yourself, which then automatically translates into you being more in control over what and how much you’re eating in the first place. To make sure they stay fresh, just place your cilantro/ mint/ dill, etc. in some water and cover them with a transparent plastic bag to keep them from withering prematurely.

  • Spice your food up

    Stop relying on salt and pepper as the only way of adding flavor to your food and turn to spicy condiments instead for a healthier and sodium-free way of ‘upgrading’ your meals. If your stomach can handle it, then switching to paprika and chili pepper-based dishes is the ideal way to a slimmer body, an accelerated metabolic rate, and an overall more delicious meal. For instance, you could try pairing vegetable-based salsas with more consistent dishes such as baked potatoes, grilled chicken or turkey burgers.

  • Keep vegetables on stock

    Aside from fresh veggies and legumes, keeping some pre-cooked versions of these inside the fridge or freezer can save you both time and calories in the long run. Roasting is usually the best way to go when it comes to artichokes and red peppers while pickling works best for beets, gherkins, and other similar vegetables. Just stock them in some tightly sealed jars and keep cooled until you want to use these in various salads, broths or as side dishes for your main course. Not only will they remain aromatic and healthy, but they will also constitute a satiating and low-calorie addition to any homemade meal.

  • Have cooked grains at hand

    A good source of nutrients and a low-calorie basis for any hearty meal, grains can be integrated into a variety of side and main dishes alike. As a result, always having a couple of pre-cooked servings of them in the fridge can save up time when cooking, help avoid cravings and make for an altogether healthier dish. For instance, you can keep cooked barley, quinoa, etc. in small containers for a quick lunch salad or as a part of your dinner meal. Even so, make sure to measure them properly before you start preparation because they can be easily misinterpreted in terms of portion control owing to their particularly small size.

  • Hide ‘dangerous’ foods away

    Ever heard of the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’? Well, the same concept might just as well apply to the unhealthy foods and meals in your fridge. To ensure your figure stays slim in the future, try to keep such items as far away from the ‘temptation’ area as possible. Pack them into opaque containers, push them at the back of the fridge or – better yet – make sure other family members or friends munch on them before you get the chance to. This way, you’ll keep your scales reading lower numbers and your mind from developing unnecessary cravings.

  • Go for the big cheese

    Although you might think buying pre-sliced or portion-sized varieties of cheese can help you shed pounds faster, the truth is that this technique can actually fool you into believing you’re eating fewer calories than you really are. Instead, choose to purchase larger blocks of hard cheeses – like Asiago or Parmesan – to keep in your fridge. The fact that you’ll have to physically get the entire piece to shred whenever you need cheese as a garnish or in certain recipes will generate better control over your quantities and hence over caloric intake.

  • Unhealthy foods equal ‘mini’ portions

    If your living situation doesn’t allow you to completely clean your fridge of unhealthy or triggering foods, then make sure you have these present in smaller portions. Thus, if you do slip into a habit of munching on them, at least you’ll have to deal with a lowered calorie intake then you would otherwise with a full portion (for, let’s say, cheese, chocolate, wine, etc.). The same goes for their healthy counterparts as well – although more weight loss friendly, items such as fruit, vegetables, and legumes can be just as full of calories if consumed in excess. So stock up your guacamole and fruit salads in serving-size containers to have better portion control and make sure you don’t overdo it.

  • Find your ideal condiment

    In order to really cut down on your cooking and slimming efforts simultaneously, then try to find your perfect all-purpose condiment. In this way, you’ll be able to use it in a broader variety of dishes without exceeding your calorie count, yet not renouncing on the flavor factor at all. Take Dijon mustard[1], for instance – fat-shedding friendly, highly aromatic, and versatile, this condiment can be used in anything from salad dressings and vinaigrettes to sauces for various main dishes. Some even go so far as to replace mayo with Dijon mustard, so consider having a jar of this food in your fridge as a permanent ‘resident’ for better weight loss prospects in the future.

  • Make healthy food pairs easily available

    When cravings really kick in, we usually just run to the fridge for a quick culinary fix. While this usually means bad news for your waistline, it doesn’t have to necessarily be so if you prepare beforehand. For example, keeping celery and cheese or apples and peanuts butter close to each other within the fridge can lead to smarter and significantly less calorie-filled choices in such cases, as well as a good satisfaction of hunger and glycemic levels at the same time. Aside from the fact that placing such items next to each other requires basically no effort at all, just some smart kitchen strategizing.

  • Go large with yogurt

    Even though it can be very good for your digestion and bone health, going crazy with a wide selection of dairy products might end up boosting your calorie intake past your desired number. To avoid this, bulk up on Greek yogurt and use it as a replacement for other heavier milk-based products such as cream cheese and sour cream, for instance. Whether on its own as a snack or in different recipes, natural yogurt is an ideal addition to any hearty breakfast, as well as a long-lasting and satiating food to have in your fridge at all times.

  • Ditch the processed sugar

    We all know that this type of sugar is all sorts of bad news for your health and waistline alike, so make an effort to replace it with low-calorie alternatives like fruit jams, for example. Not only are these easy to stack up for longer periods in your fridge, but they’re also very versatile and can be used in a number of more or less adventurous recipes. From the classic peanut butter spread and morning bowl of oatmeal to brown rice wraps, different assortments of fruit-based jams can be a delicious option for any meal, as well as a weight loss supporting one.

  • Stop wasting food

    If you’re prone to buying fresh produce in bulk, then try to unlearn this practice in order to both avoid wasting food and maintaining your scales reading a desirable number. The best trick would be to buy just enough to last your through the week – this way, you’ll be more inclined to use the fruit, vegetables, and legumes you have at hand before they go bad. Additionally, you won’t have the tendency to overeat or trade in cooking for takeout. Make your job easier by placing open cans and older produce directly in your eyesight for cooking healthier, homemade, and no-waste meals each day.

  • Rely on protein

    If you want to drop some serious pounds effortlessly, then you have to get your regular intake of healthy protein. One manner of doing so is by having a protein-filled item close at hand whenever you open the fridge, with boiled eggs being amongst the most practical and tasty such options. Just boil a couple at once and keep them in an easy to spot bowl inside your fridge for weight slimming dishes like breakfast wraps, lunch salads, and dinner meals alike. Aside from being healthy and flavourful, eggs are also a very satiating food to include in any of your day-to-day meals.

  • Have some ‘fancy’ water

    Staying hydrated is a crucial part of any weight friendly and metabolic boosting lifestyle, but it can sometimes be a rather boring drink when compared to all those juices, sodas, and even fancy waters you see in stores nowadays. But, before you cave in and start buying some of those calorie-ridden options, start by ‘fancying’ up your own H2O – large pitchers of mint, ginger, or citrus infused water can be easily kept within sight. Throw in a few slices of lemon and oranges or some mint leaves and you won’t be able to resist drinking a glass each time you open the fridge!

  • Reorganize smartly

    Did you know that you more likely to munch on whatever is at eye-level within your fridge than from any other part of it? This propensity is caused by the immediacy and visual impact of the foods which you see first when you open the door, which means that you should begin reorganizing this space with a more weight-friendly goal in mind. Store fresh fruits and veggies, healthy dishes, and pitchers of water on the fridge drawer you’re most likely to set your view on in the first place and put more ‘tempting’ and calorie-full items in the crisper, on the door or even in the freezer for better portion and cravings control over time.

  • Write it down

    If you usually get into a habit of collecting produce ‘leftovers’, then simply store them in plastic bags in the fridge and write down the date on them to know exactly how ‘old’ they are when you do get round to eating them. This simple trick will allow you to keep track of the freshness factor of your veggies and fruit selection, as well as indirectly remind you to consume them before they go bad. To avoid throwing out food unnecessarily, try to check these items regularly and include them into your daily meals for quick pound-shedding results.

  • Make juice interesting again

    Although fruit juices are a great way of getting a substantial nutrient and antioxidant boost, it’s also true that some combinations might pack a few extra calories as well – especially if you don’t have the time to make your own and go for the commercially distributed varieties. As a consequence, you could opt for an advantageous middle ground between tastiness and weight loss by mixing your juice of choice with some soda water. To remember this healthy trick at all times, keep a bottle of seltzer next to your juice pitcher or container in the fridge and always mix them in 1:2 ratios in favor of the seltzer when you go to pour yourself a refreshing and waist-friendly drink.


“If you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food.”

~ Errick McAdams