16 Foods that Can Help Cleanse the Body | 2016 Detox

Jessica Lewis
June 25, 2016

A healthy body requires stocks of vitamins, minerals and a diet that permits the cells to regenerate themselves naturally. Cleansing your body can be done for different reasons and for each organ separately. The liver absorbs all the toxins from the body. Kidneys have lots of stones that can be removed with a proper diet. Below, we will explain how to cleanse your body and what ingredients should you use.


This vegetable is made from over 90% water, it has a very low number of calories(if you are worried about putting on some kilograms), around 15 per 100g. Doesn’t have many nutrients, because it’s mostly water, but what breaks the norms is Vitamin K that will supply you with 16% of RDA.

You can only eat them raw if you want to see any results. It can be eaten in summer salads, with tomatoes, a bit of oil and some grated cheese on top. It alkalinizes the body, removing all the toxins.


Although beetroot is not so commercialized like other products, it can still be bought from a supermarket to be put in a delicious salad. Raw, it has around 40 calories per 100g and if you are boiling it, then it will vary from the time it stays in the water(same goes with pasta).

If you are maintaining a low carbs diet, it may not be the best option, because it contains 10g of carbs per 100g of raw product. It has lots of vitamins, but the highest are manganese and folate, each covering around 20% of RDA. It can be eaten in salads(after cooked), with a bit of oil and vinegar.

Whole grains

In the category of whole grains are brown rice, oat, wheat, popcorn, barley and a few others. They contain a lot of carbs and proteins and we should not overdose with them. Nevertheless, for example, bran (the exterior of a grain, the shell) contains lots of iron and reaches 59% of RDA.

They cleanse the body of bad cholesterol and reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Whole grains are always better than refined grains because they help fight obesity, hypertension and can be a real help for diabetes. When picking bread or pasta from the store, make sure they are made from whole grains, that is the easiest way to introduce them into your diet.


The sourest fruit is used for its cleansing properties and its level of Vitamin C(64% of RDA). Calories are almost inexistent(29 calories per 100g of product), due to its properties of burning fat.

Foods like lemons and apple have negative calories, meaning you can eat how much you want and you won’t put weight, but you will lose some.

The taste is unpleasant, but you can combine them well with other foods, like putting 1 or 2 spoons of lemon juice in a cup of tea, making a lemonade(the amount is up to you), slicing and eating it with a coat of sugar or as a seasoning for fish or seafood.


Known and used as a condiment, its relatives are onion, shallot and leek contain quite a lot of calories per 100g(149 calories) and it is useful for detoxifying the body, helping the liver to remove the toxins. Garlic’s calories should not be taken into consideration because its consumption reduces the number of them by the quantity we ingest(a very small one).

It has a history for more than 7000 years world across the globe and we all know why. It can be used as a condiment (dried and finely grated), in big pieces near a steak in the oven, in all kinds of sauces and shakes(with cleansing properties). Works as an antiseptic and as bacteria killer. Garlic is rich in Vitamin B6 and C.


Commonly used as a spice in the Orient, the turmeric is very strong and only a pinch can condiment an entire dish. It is commercialized as powder, in this way is easy to add into your food. It drains the body of toxins and can help digestion. It stimulates liver function to a proper detoxification.


The cheapest fruit around the world is one recommended in many diets, especially in weight loss diets, where doctors recommend replacing a snack with an apple. As stated above, an apple has negative calories, because your stomach consumes more energy to digest it.

In fact, we are only eating the fake part of the fruit, the real part being the spine with the seeds. Per 100g it has 52 calories, with a moderate amount of dietary fibers, but it doesn’t contain a high level of other nutrients. Some research had been done on the subject of treating some types of cancer and according to European journal of Cancer Prevention, no study is concluded yet.[1]

You can eat apples as a snack, between the other meals, you can grate them and cook them with a bit of sugar and then put the mix into a pie, or you can cook them in the oven and then glaze them with sugar. There are lots of ways to which you can add them to your diet, so it will suit your preference.


It doesn’t have a great taste, especially for children, but its flowering head can be cooked and spiced until it has the taste that you want. It has 34 calories per 100g and it contains 20% of RDA of Vitamin C and K, 10% of RDA of several B Vitamins and manganese and it’s richer than most food presented until now.

Boiling the broccoli reduces the levels of sulforaphane from it, but grilling, steaming or frying it doesn’t have the same effect. For a 5 minute recipe, you can give grill it and put it a garnish for meat. The high dose of vitamins neutralizes toxins.

Red bell pepper

Only the red bell pepper has cleansing properties, the other two, yellow and green, do not. It can be introduced in any meal because it is very healthy, it only contains 20 calories per 100g and 3 times more Vitamin C than most vegetables and twice the amount green bell peppers have.

You can eat bell peppers with a slice of cheese, you can cut then and put them into a salad, or in a pan along with other vegetables and tomatoes for a garnish sauce. You can also fill them with meat or rice and put them into the oven.

Sunflower seeds

Some eat them as a snack and some add them on top of pretzels or in all kinds of dishes. They are commercialized with their hull or dehulled. The healthiest way to eat them is unfried and without salt(it doesn’t matter if they are in their hull or not). But only a couple of them are enough for fulfilling the body’s requirements, plus they have plenty calories, around 580 per 100g.

People that are predisposed to diabetes or if their body produce a lot of insulin, should not eat sunflower seeds at all. Once you start eating them, they kinda become addictive and you will not stop until you will finish the bag.

They are composed of only 5% water, high amounts of proteins and approx 50% fats. They contain good fats, which will act against the bad cholesterol and will reduce the blood cholesterol. Sunflower seeds are very nutritive, containing Vitamin E ,230% of RDA, they are high in selenium and all B Vitamins.


This fruit, along with lemons and limes, is the gurus in detoxification. It is a rich source of Vitamin C, making it 20% of RDA. An article called The World’s Healthiest Foods, which was published by The George Mateljan Foundation claims that grapefruit can lower cholesterol and the book Journal of Science and Agriculture says that grapefruit’s seeds have antioxidant properties.

100g of grapefruit contains 33 calories and some researchers from New Hampshire discovered that weight loss and this fruit are in good terms, because it is a powerful fat burner, due to its low glycemic index. It can be eaten as juice(smoothie with milk or just pure juice), as grapefruit lemonade, and it can decorate cakes and glasses of cocktails.

Green tea

Green tea is mostly water, around 99% and only has 1 calorie per 100ml, which is insignificant and 12 mg of caffeine, a good amount to not keep you awake at night. In the “Green tea and green tea catechin extracts: an overview of the clinical evidence” review wrote for Maturitas, it wasn’t proved that green tea has solid evidence that can cure cancer.

Further studies showed some particular proof, but not enough to show that green tea has those benefits. In the “Coffee, tea, and cocoa and risk of stroke” review, there are explained the green tea’s benefits for lowering the blood cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, but it does not affect the HDL cholesterol in any way. Green tea is filled with antioxidants that help cleanse the system. It can be consumed regularly, but no more than 1 or 2 cups per day.


It is filled with Vitamin C and K, making them 20% of RDA and a good source of Vitamin B and folate with almost 15% of RDA. It is recommended the doctors in weight loss diets due to the properties of cleansing all the toxins in the body, while providing the necessary nutrients for the body. Some cures are made only with cabbage, in different forms, like soup or salad.

With 25 calories per 100g of product, it is a perfect product for weight loss and detoxification. If you do not want to lose weight, then a cabbage salad with oil a bit of salad is a perfect way for it to be introduced into your daily diet.


As sunflower seeds, walnuts are mostly fat(65%), they contain a very small amount of water (4%) and contain a lot of dietary fibers and proteins. But they contain even more calories: around 650 per 100g. For a snack, 10 walnuts will provide the necessary amount for completing your body needs for one day. For a brain boost, you can eat them at before going to bed, with a glass of milk.

It is very rich in manganese, reaching 163% of the RDA. Assists detoxification by adding healthy omega 3 fats into the body. They can be eaten between meals, replacing a sugary snack, in salads, or in pastry products.


Is the liquid we should be drinking far more than we do. Water has detoxifying properties, because it hydrates the body, filling cells with youth and help them fight with toxins and what blocks our organs. Raise the daily dose of water which you are drinking, if you want your body to work better.

The amount of water for each individual should be calculated according to their gender, weight, environment and how much they eliminate through sweat. If you are a person that don’t sweat so much, then the amount should be lower. That is what sauna does to your body with the extra heat, eliminating the toxins through your skin along with water. Water can be perfectly mixed with lemons or any citrus fruit, just to add a bit of flavor.


Smoothies are refreshing after a full day of work. They contain so many vitamins and minerals(depending on what you add to them), they will give you strength for a workout and some are created only for detoxification. To reduce the calorie a smoothie has, replace the whole milk with water and add fewer seeds in it.

More citrus fruits mean more Vitamin C and more energy, more bananas, means more potassium. If you want them a little sweeter then add honey, not sugar(or, if you don’t have honey, add brown, refined sugar is the worst). A glass of smoothies should not exceed 200 calories and can be drunk as a dessert or instead on dinner, with more than 30 minutes before going to bed.