Is Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America the Best Choice on Probiotics?

Jessica Lewis
January 7, 2017

Perfect Biotics is one probiotic supplement not available in stores and for a good reason. Probiotic America is a pretty new company specialized in probiotic supplementation, having many probiotic-related products categorized by their properties and function.

It is known that for an optimal digestive process, our body uses bacteria to break down food. We already have those live cultures of good bacteria in our organisms, but under various circumstances, the balance of good and bad bacteria could break down, so the beneficial bacterial cultures still need some maintenance to avoid the development of possible adverse effects. Studies have shown that probiotics can substantially improve the overall health and by adding them to our diet, they can provide the necessary amounts of beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a healthy balance.

One of the main issues regarding probiotic supplements is the amount of CFUs [1] contained in each capsule. The colony forming units (CFU) is used to measure how many bacteria in probiotics are capable of dividing to form colonies. This is where Perfect Biotics comes with the guarantee of having at least 30 billion CFUs by third party testing its capsules and by shipping them directly to the consumer as fresh as possible in such a way that the bacteria cultures are still alive.

Probiotic America

Probiotic America promises that they can improve entire lives, and they also offer the right information about various probiotic subjects to help anyone understand how the products can affect one’s life. Probiotic America was created to show all available info and data on probiotics, keeping everyone informed about anything regarding this probiotic trend.

They noticed that the market is rapidly changing and anyone can get all the facts and information in a very short amount of time and also with the highest accuracy. Therefore, they have established their own purpose: providing the site’s visitors with all the info they might need on probiotics.

It has already been proven that probiotics are beneficial for the human body at all ages and one of the main things one needs to know about probiotics is that our body is entirely dependent on the micro-organisms and bacteria that live inside the body.

We have over 500 types of bacteria living in our gut, and this is absolutely normal. Probiotics, named as the good bacteria, are countered by the bad ones but they work together to keep us healthy. For instance, when we have allergies or bowel problems, both our good and bad bacteria are thought to be out of balance, therefore taking probiotics will correct the problem.

There is scientific evidence of the probiotics’ benefits in case of some medical conditions including skin irritations, immune system problems, and infant infections such as childhood diarrhea and much more.

Another important fact is that probiotics need to be alive in order to work properly. Tempeh, some yogurts, and sauerkraut contain significant amounts of beneficial probiotics and probiotic supplements include in their composition live active cultures. Some of them must be refrigerated or used before a given date of expiration.

Probiotic America’s Goal and Mission

Although it’s not always an easy thing to do, every day we must make decisions regarding the ways we want to live our lives and any modification from our bodies can have harmful effects on our overall health. This is one of the main reasons we must maintain stability in our digestive tracts. Our immune system can be very easily affected by the lack of certain live cultures or, on the contrary, by the high level of bacteria. Therefore, the keyword is the balance.

Probiotic America promises to help everyone make the best decision by providing all the necessary details. They can guide the customers in choosing the right probiotic products or the right foods for one’s diet. The company’s goal is to keep everyone informed and to offer every fact with scientific proof; it provides info on every product, including the benefits and possible side effects. They also offer recommendations and advice for keeping the digestive processes as healthy as possible and the digestive balance at an optimal rate.

The company’s belief is that accurate info and data are essential for leading a healthy and happy life and learning all there is to know about probiotics is only the first step of a long and complicated process which revolves around a healthy body. Adding the right live cultures of bacteria to the digestive system is the other crucial step to keeping a healthy organism.

Probiotic America’s Products

Probiotic America says its products are way different and much better than other similar products on the market. The reasons include the fact that their probiotics are independently tested, shipped directly to the consumer and Freeze-dried for freshness. They’re also being sold in a dark glass bottle in order to last indefinitely. The company says that there are 30 billion CFUs in each pill which is the standard measurement of probiotic products and 15 bacteria strains.

The primary concern about probiotics is that they can and will often be destroyed by stomach acids before they can exercise their beneficial effects. To solve this problem, Probiotic America made their strains resistant to bile and acids.

Probiotic America claims that their products are third-party tested on three separate occasions after being sent to some independent labs which run precise and accurate tests on them. This is great, but a big minus is represented by the fact that the company doesn’t disclose the names of these labs, and they keep all this info confidential, therefore it cannot be proven.

Perfect Biotics

What is Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America?

Perfect Biotics is a supplement which promises to give the body immune and digestive support, helping especially in cases of gas problems, chronic fatigue and bloating. The company claims that Perfect Biotics is scientifically formulated to bring the consumer 80/20 balance of good/bad bacteria.

Perfect Biotics supplement promises to boost our immunity and all digestive processes by using a unique probiotic formula. We can find Perfect Biotics online on the manufacturer’s website, and Probiotic America offers lots of information and useful data on its product. This is a good thing because most businesses that rely on internet shopping do not give enough data on their products and you can get the necessary info only by purchasing them.

Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of the customer’s naivety and release dangerous or useless products. Probiotic America presents all the essential info on its products, and this feature alone help the company get some points in its favor, compared to other similar business that is also marketing their products online.

The fact that Probiotic America markets more than just one product is another advantage for them because it means that this company wasn’t founded with the single mission to promote one money-making product as a result of this new trend concerning the use of probiotic supplements. The company’s products can be found in a single place which means that they are not afraid that one of their products might have harmful effects which could discredit their name. We must take into consideration the fact that sometimes, such companies will create a different website for each of their products, so the other products won’t be avoided when one of them starts to inevitably prove its inefficiency or, even worse, its adverse side effects. Probiotic America doesn’t seem to have this type of concerns, and the company stands proudly behind its every product.

Now let’s get back to the Perfect Biotics supplement. This product is the company’s first release which was claimed from the very beginning to be a very simple yet very effective probiotic. Besides the 15 species of bacteria from its composition, it doesn’t contain other substances and it is designed only to do the things a probiotic product should do, and that is to help the digestive processes by fixing the health problems resulted from an insufficient amount of bacteria. At the same time, the product promotes the healthiest immunity.

The colony forming unit of the product (CFU) count is a very high one – over 30 billion live organisms encapsulated in only one pill. This is an excellent characteristic of the product because greater amount of good bacteria is beneficial for our health. The positive results of the product should be quickly noticeable with such a high rate of CFUs. Probiotic America claims that these great effects will manifest in 3 to 4 weeks from the beginning of the treatment, but there are also users who experience real health changes in only several days.

Perfect Biotics Ingredients

Probiotic America mentions on the website that Perfect Biotics’ composition doesn’t include soy, gluten, lactose or any allergen source. The bacterial strains listed on the product’s label are:

  • 5 species of Bifidobacterium: breve, lactis, bifidum, infantis and longum
  • 9 species of Lactobacillus: plantarum, acidophilus, rhamnosus, casei, salivarius, brevis, bulgaricus and paracasei
  • 1 species of Streptococcus: theromophilus

The last probiotic’s name – Streptococcus – might sound very unpleasant, but it’s actually extremely beneficial for the digestive processes. It helps the organism to digest milk and it also has some antibiotic effects which can protect the body against infections. This might seem quite strange, given the fact that we know that antibiotics kill probiotics, and it is recommended that we use probiotics along with antibiotics to keep a balanced number.

So far, research has proven that probiotics help not only in digestive affections but also in some seemingly unrelated health problems. Some of the 500 species of bacteria from our bodies are very helpful, and they work best when ingested from supplements. Such an example is Lactobacillus, the rhamnosus variety. We can find this strain in Perfect Biotics and it can cure diarrhea as proven by tests and studies on kids so far. The other species of Lactobacillus are extremely efficient in all kinds of intestinal problems and even in lactose intolerance. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is the only species of bacteria which has zero negative effects on the body, but generally speaking, all probiotics are harmless. On the other hand, some of them might cause some unwanted effects to some very sensitive people.

Lactobacillus casei is found in yogurt and it protects the body against infections and harmful bacteria. It also prevents some health problems such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Lactobacillus salivarum and paracasei have similar effects and they also promote dental health. The Bifidobacterium strains in the Perfect Biotics’ composition benefit a proper digestion and the intestinal health but also for preventing and treating diarrhea, E.coli infections, and salmonella. Some of these strains of bacteria drop with age, therefore it’s critical to add them into our system in the form of supplements. It has been proven that even people who have no health issues can benefit from ingesting such probiotics

Possible Perfect Biotics benefits:

  • Offers protection against cavities and gingivitis
  • Inhibiting inflammatory responses
  • Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Fights candida (yeast) overgrowth
  • Breaks down carbohydrates
  • Reducing gas and bowel irritation
  • Promotes an optimal digestion
  • Drawing away toxins

Perfect Biotics Side Effects

Given the fact that Perfect Biotics only contains probiotics, the only adverse effects this product might have are some common intestinal problems associated with such bacteria. There are a few sensitive people who might experience nausea, bloating, upset stomach and some similar disorders for a couple of days after the beginning of the treatment. These symptoms will clear out after the body adjusts itself to the product.

Probiotics can also trigger some allergic reactions in some cases, therefore, supplements like this should always have a doctor’s approval. Every person has individual needs and problems when it comes to probiotic products, and just because one product looks harmless it doesn’t mean it will work correctly for everyone.

Perfect Biotics’ composition does not include other substances besides probiotics, therefore it’s also fit for children. But, for better safety, in kids’ cases, a doctor approval is mandatory, even if the product has been proven to work great for younger individuals.

It’s crucial to remember that even if good bacteria can bring positive and beneficial changes to the body, it also has the capacity or the potential to become dangerous in sick or sensitive patients. All microorganisms have the ability to spread and act where they’re not supposed to, so patients with serious health problems will need to make sure that this supplement is not at all dangerous before they start the treatment.

How to Use the Perfect Biotics Supplement

This product was designed to be used by anyone who wants or needs to enjoy its benefits. This is the reason for which the product is flash-frozen at the manufacturer’s laboratory and then is shipped directly to the buyer; the product has sealed in freshness and it won’t need to be frozen or refrigerated.

There are no special storage or handling instructions for the product and it can be simply taken directly from the bottle. Users will only need a single pill every day to enjoy the product’s benefits. One tablet will provide a highly concentrated dose of good and healthy bacteria which will last one day inside the body, but the effects will continue for several days. The producers say that the Perfect Biotics works on its own and no particular diet or workout system will be needed.

Reasons to Choose Perfect Biotics

Perfect Biotics supplement looks pretty promising and so is the company which manufactures it. It seems that Perfect Biotics is produced in the best conditions and its composition includes a very high number of active bacteria strains. Given the fact that the bacteria is alive at the time of ingestion and the products’ package is a dark amber glass which guarantees its protection from light, the products seems very safe.

Judging by the general opinion of the customers and by the product’s ratings, it appears that Perfect Biotics is a very well-tolerated product. Buyers appear to like all Probiotic America’s products, and even if the company is pretty new on the market it already has a lot of happy customers.

The Perfect Biotics supplement seems to have lots of research and it gives the impression that is planning on developing an entire line of such supplements.

In the “terms and conditions” of the Probiotic America’s website there is a disclaimer saying that all the company’s products are continuously improved and modified and this is obviously a good sign for the company.

Probiotic America has also been able to avoid major issues which are commonly associated with companies that sell products online because they disclose all the necessary data and info about their supplements, are very easy to contact and they do not hide relevant information.

The only main issue regarding the company is the fact that does not offer information about the labs which manufacture and test their products. Perfect Biotics is tested according to the company by third party labs but the fact that the company does not give their names or proof of their existence is quite a minus, the most important one. We have no way of knowing if the statement is true or not, at least for the moment. Without this data, there is no conclusive proof that their product contains what they say it does.

On the other hand, the labels of the supplements are posted on the company’s website and they offer all the essential information. All the ingredients are obvious therefore the customers know exactly what species of bacteria are included in the composition of the products. This is critical, as all specialists advise us against products that do not mention the strains of bacteria, the CFU counts and the total quantity of product found in every pill.

Customers are pretty pleased, and definitely, probiotics are helpful in case of certain intestinal conditions. There are definitely more positive reviews on the product than bad ones. One piece of advice for the company might be that in the future they disclose the names of the independent labs they’re using for the products’ testing because this will only bring more trust from the customer’s part.

Perfect Biotics contains some of the healthiest bacteria strains known at present all over the world and also in very high amounts. This means that the product can help even the patients with more severe health issues even if the product is not necessarily a medical treatment. FDA classified probiotics as foods which mean they do not need to be evaluated because they do not have the potential of posing a real danger to the consumers, unlike traditional medication.

Probiotic America’s products have the advantage of being manufactured in the US and the buyers usually appreciate this. It seems that the bacteria cultures the company uses are raised in Wisconsin, tested and then packed in Utah and, in the end, they are shipped from California – the place where the company is based.

If you want to find out more information about this probiotic supplement and if you need help to decide if this product is right for you, make sure to read the Perfect Biotics by Probiotic America Reviews.

Pay Great Care When Buying Online!

Consumers are advised to pay extreme caution when purchasing any supplement or medicinal product online. Many online outlets sell different products and some of them are not free of risks as they’re supposed to be. The only place which ensures a safe purchase of any product without risks is the manufacturer’s website, and in our case, Probiotic America’s website. All customers must buy directly from here in order to experience a safe shopping and avoid any problems.