14 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex + 3 Ways to Improve it

Jessica Lewis
June 12, 2016

What are the Health Benefits of Sex?

Sex is not just a very pleasant way to spend time with your partner but also is a more enjoyable way to burn calories and, according to many doctors and researchers, has many health benefits. A good sexual health may significantly improve the physical health and together, they offer an auspicious psychological comfort and positive thinking.

Eliminate Stress and diminishes depression

Sex benefits in relieving stress and depression were carefully demonstrated. In men, ejaculation relaxes the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins, substances secreted by the brain ‘s center of pleasure. For women, the absorption of sperm works as a natural antidepressant and helps relieve stress. Individuals which are very stressed and depressed, tend to have fewer sexual contact. Some doctors believe that this is exactly the opposite of what they should do, a trap that unhappy people must not fall, precisely because they willingly refuse the cure

One of the most important positive effects of sex, on general condition, is improving the way that the body responds to stress and bottlenecks. A regular sexual activity can reduce blood pressure and stress level in the body. These observations were the result of a study conducted by some researchers, who included 24 women and 22 men who kept an “obvious” sexual activity.

Subjects were then exposed to various stressful situations, such as public speaking or performing orally mathematical calculations while they were having monitored blood pressure’s response to stress. It was found that people who had sex more frequently responded better to stress than those who hadn’t sexed recently or were even in a prolonged period of sexual abstinence.

Another study, conducted by the same team of researchers has demonstrated that frequent sex can significantly reduce diastolic blood pressure. People with an intense sexual activity had a very good yield and also the level of blood pressure were maintained normal, while others who become angry, misfits to stress, manifesting not only high blood pressure but also heart rate and a high level of stress substances ( like cortisol).

Pain subsides

Tenderness and sex outside the bedroom, in other places than the conventional ones for this kind of intimate activity, is a good strategy for keeping the spark of passion in a couple. Most are unable to get the spouse on a desert island, for a romantic getaway, but this is not necessary for obtaining a further benefit of sex : pain relief. The most effective painkiller ever created is the orgasm.

This effect is a result due to increased levels of oxytocin and endorphins. When their level is higher, the analgesia effect is also more intense. Many people have noticed an improvement in painful symptoms after sex. Whether is a headache, arthritis or pain associated with menstruation, all seem to respond very well to sex . Oxytocin seems to be the cure for these improvements.

Researchers conducted a study in which were included 48 volunteers who were asked to inhale oxytocin vapor. After inhalation, it has been applied painful stimulus in the fingers and observed that the stimulus had to be twice intense than for a subject who didn’t inhale oxytocin vapors, to cause a similar analgesics sensation.

A huge amount of endorphins (substances with a similar chemical structure to morphine) released by the orgasm’s physiological reaction in the body, has the effect of mitigating any substantial bodily pain. The release of endorphins and corticosteroids during intercourse is the best cure for an annoying headache !

Also, a good idea is having sex in water, being used in many therapies. It does not require a desert island and expenses. If sex is good and orgasms are even better, underwater orgasmic sex will eliminate any pain.

Helps forgetting the problems and increases the joy

Debts to banks give you headaches and bills add up? Financial problems cause animosity in most couples. Preferably, before things degenerate to unwanted and uncontrolled replicas reactions, partners should have sex. To help forget problems, the solution is sex. It also improves intimacy, offers a good tone, enhances mood and imagination. A typical match with a partner might be enough to calm the spirits and stimulate the state of contentment and joy. It may not solve the problem of money, but adjusting differences in a pleasant horizontally exercise, proved to offer to a couple, the same level of satisfaction equivalent to getting an additional income of $ 100,000 per year.

Shapes the silhouette and maintains cardiovascular health

Sex is another strategy is to maintain the spark. Volcanic love with rolls, twists and contortion can burn up to 700 calories. In the same time, more sedate and less vigorously sex may cause the burning of at least 200 calories. It is certainly the best way to maintain the silhouette or weight loss, the most pleasant way to burn some calories.

In addition, wives should know that being passionate with their partners, they can protect and strengthen their hearts. Sex lowers blood pressure and increases heart health, reducing the risk of stroke. At the same time, increase strength, flexibility and muscle’s tone. It might even be a good treatment to prevent stroke.

30 minutes of sex burns 120 calories (4 calories per minute), so the more, the better, not only in terms of erotic. It may not seem like much at first, but by a constant “exercise”, can easily being burnt to over 5000 calories (in about 42 half hour put together, not to mention 21 hours of sex). And at 3,750 calories, there is already about one kilogram lost.

Finally, the results are seen, right? Experts believe sex is a perfect way to do regular exercise, as a “good game” requires concentration and a lot of activity from both partners. Besides stimulating burning calories, sex can be useful in promoting the best possible image on the body. We all like to know that we have a beautiful body, nudity and sex can significantly boost this opinion. In addition, because sex involves the discovery of the body in front of the other, we are pushing to maintain a beautiful look and silhouette, and with the desire to look better, we will be even more careful to do exercise for maintaining a good shape in addition to a balanced diet.

Elderly people often are worried that sex stimulates the heart and because of that, there is too much risk during a prolonged sex to have a heart attack or even a stroke. Experts, however, have a different opinion. A recently published study showed that the risk of stroke is not higher in older people having sex, compared to those who do not have sex. The study tracked 914 men over 20 years period of time. In addition, having sex at least 2 times a week significantly reduces the risk of fatal myocardial infarctions. Rarely sex, once in a month, does not change the prognosis and has a protective effect against fatal myocardial infarction.

Sex improves greatly the blood circulation, especially at the brain level. The combination of an increased cardiac output and an improved cerebral perfusion translates physically through an increased capacity of exercise and an improvement in activities in general (in the bedroom and outside of it). Overall performance is improved because stimulating the circulation increases the oxygen supply to the tissues, and the elimination of metabolic products that can alter the body’s functioning through their accumulation.

Sex improves immunity

A good sexual health means a better and overall health, experts believe. It seems that two or three times a week of sex can boost the body’s production of immunoglobulin A, antibodies that can fight against harmful foreign particles from the environment, particularly those who come into contact with mucous membranes. So, the risk of infection is reduced. Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing saliva samples of 112 students from an American university.

Each subject said that the frequency of sexual activity was weekly. Were tested their IgA levels, that can be found in many body secretions. Levels were significantly higher in the group of subjects with a better frequency of sexual activity (2 times per week), compared to subjects from the other three analyzed groups: abstainers, with moderate sexual activity (less than once a week) and with a very common sexual activity (at least 3 times a week).

One orgasm is equal with 10 herbal medical remedies

Contrary to heavily circulated migraines, they are not at all a reason to avoid sex, but on the contrary, a good excuse to get it done as soon as possible, as a remedy to get rid of a headache. Sexual activity not only stimulates endorphins, generous in giving pleasurable sensations but helps to release antibodies that protect the organism against flu and colds. A once a week consumed sex produce higher levels, up to 30 % , of immunoglobulin A, strengthening the immune system and combating the diseases more effectively.

Enhances your senses

Sex can discharge a runny nose, being a natural antihistamine. Can even help fighting with fever and asthma. After a “struggle” under the sheets, the hormone prolactin generates new neurons in the olfactory lobe of the brain. This means that after “a horizontally dance”, the sense of smell is sharper. In fact, after sex, all human senses are boosted, including taste buds. In addition, sex help teeth, with the white color and a healthy consistency.

More natural ingredients than the minerals found in sperm, such as zinc and calcium, can not be obtained and these are very helpful to combat caries. Selenium is another sperm ingredient that could have a role in fighting against cancer.

Why sex is good for her?

Providing satisfactory sex can maintain partners’ reproductive health. As a woman gets more sex, her body produces more hormones responsible for libido. In other words, a higher frequency of intercourses leads to an even greater desire for sex.

Making love can increase estrogen levels in the woman’s body, which protects against osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s. Also, sex can prevent endometriosis in women. Ladies who have sex at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycles than those who enjoy less of this kind of activity. Sex promotes fertility in women, by regulating menstrual patterns.

Moreover, the endorphins released by the female body during sexual coital, help relieve arthritic pain and relieve cramps. Meanwhile, if in the woman’s life follows a birth, it seems that sperm can ease the system or bring up the fetus. I mean yes, sex can help a woman to bear a natural birth without medication and painkillers, and especially without a cesarean procedure.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Sex seems to be the answer for a happier and healthier prostate. For ages between 20 and 30 years, men may reduce by 30 % the chances of prostate cancer if they ejaculate more than five times a week.

Elders too can benefit from a higher frequency of sex because more than 20 orgasms / month are associated with a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer. As man’s climax are more frequent, the more he is less exposed to such disease.

Decreases the risk of breast cancer

Sex claims to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women who have never given birth. It looks that if a woman increases the frequency of his sexual contacts, significantly decreases the possibility of developing a breast cancer. In addition, sex strengthens the pelvic muscles that control urine flow. Kegel exercises which naturally happens during sex, give women a better bladder control.

Builds confidence and improves intimacy

When a man and a woman make love, this obviously contributes to strengthening and improving the intimacy of the two. Enhances desire. The man’s level of oxytocin fits with the woman’s after the completion of intercourse. Then, both partners will be more likely to want some tenderness.

For some people, when they feel loved, their self-esteem increases. However, regardless of this trend, the mood is improving anyway thanks of sex. When things are going well in bed, your confidence grows and it becomes visible in other aspects of your life. It is, basically, what makes us daring and uninhibited regarding our sexual desires .

Heals wounds and hearts

Healing can be seen in many ways. Sometimes, a relationship needs to heal. Sometimes a person needs to be cured. It could be an injury or a condition about the type of diabetes. There have been studies that have concluded that ” sex heals.” Sexual activity may contribute to recovery to the point where cells regenerate and wound heal faster. Oxytocin is good for the body in many ways.

Increases Longevity

Sex is considered the “Fountain of Youth”. To extend the life and increase the vitality, frequently sex could be an answer for both men, but mostly for women. Sex is good for men vitality when they have an adequate rest. For women, it is simply beneficial; those ladies who have an orgasm at least once a week have 50% chances to decrease mortality, compared with those having sex less than once a month.

Men who have sex regularly, have reduced by half the chances of suffering a stroke. All the hormones released after sex helps create connections and build confidence but also contributes to combating aging. The more orgasms, the better. Live longer and are more flexible. Having sex increases wellbeing and auctioning of fun. No wonder why sex is a factor for lifting the morale and a natural remedy against bad mood.

Energizes and stimulates a good nights sleep

Passionate adventures can be both foolish and wise. The world is starved for romance. Courtesy and cavalry are bearing fruits in the bedroom, and those who are using them will not regret it. For women, the testosterone which they absorb with the sperm is a good energizer. For men, the more sex they have, the more testosterone they produce – the determining factor in sexual desire. Both sides get a push of energy having sex. At the same time, it gives a good sleep. Oxytocin released during orgasm helps for a good rest.

Strengthens pelvic muscles

Women can have multiple benefits from sex, particularly if they get more involved. Making some muscle strengthening exercises can have a double advantage: it stimulates the sensation of penetration, and can protect against the development of involuntary loss of urine, or urinary incontinence, as it is called by specialists.

This is rarely a problem for young women, nulliparous (who didn’t have a pregnancy), but can be very annoying once they age, especially after the birth of first child. Incontinence can significantly reduce the patient’s quality of life and may create numerous discomforts, both physical and mental.

Pelvic strengthening exercises, called Kegel exercises, are recommended by gynecologists and by sexologists. And the most pleasant time, to lure both their usefulness and pleasure are having sex.

Are recommended the performing of several exercises, by voluntary contraction of the muscles, similar to the method when to avoid urinating. After such a contraction, the muscles can relax. The sensation for the partner is intense and the woman can control so much better penetration.

Increases muscle’s strength

Well yes, sex increases the strength. No wonder, the sex movements can be thought like push-ups and bicep curls. It depends on what you do in bed, however, you will have more fan than if you run kilometers. Fitness in bed improves pelvic muscles, thighs, abs, buttocks, chest muscles and muscles of the arms.

Health consequences of sexual abstinence

According to specialists, sexual activity is not only a human desire but is a necessity of our body. As a result, depriving the body of its need produces both physically and behaviorally effects on the individual.

It has being shown that there are different consequences of abstinence, such as the difficulties of concentrating on daily activities, low self-esteem, increased levels of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, feelings of sadness or nervousness. Obviously, these effects are related to the psycho-emotional human side of people and are considerably affected.

Women are at increased risk of developing gynecological diseases and the installation of an early menopause.

Men will face testicular function disorders. Otherwise, men will present a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

We also mention heart disease or osteoporosis, which can be influenced by sexual abstinence. According to other studies, the development of one or other form of cancer may be related to lack of sexual life. In conclusion, most experts consider that sex can be considered a genuine medicine is given “good” hormones that are released in the body, during sexual intercourse.

Abstinence is associated sometimes with deprivation of love, lack of affection, which favors the appearance of depression, anxiety, sadness and nervousness. Depressions are mood disorders, which affects the life of a man.

They can manifest itself by daily appearance of a sharp sense of sadness and emptiness inside; loss of interest in the activities that have to operate every day; a decreased appetite; the occurrence of insomnia or, on the contrary, the prolonged state of sleep; sensation of fatigue occurrence continues and even a feeling that they are useless might arise, so profound that can lead to suicidal thoughts.

Sex fulfills an important role in the normal course of human’s life, and its absence generate, in one way or another, more or less, damages. Therefore, it should not be ignored the risks that abstinence can bring in humans life.

Bottom line

Sex is good “from head to tail”, not just for the satisfaction of erotic fantasies and desires, but it is really a panacea for body and soul. Love is the universal language, spoke not only to all people but by all cells, too. It is not as if one needed to be convinced to have sex because pleasure is one accepted by everyone, but knowing the numerous tangible benefits of this hedonistic activity, it seems that better don’t think too much and go ahead when the occasion arises and “magic ” can safely happening.