Author: Jessica Lewis

Bio X4 2017 Reviews: Is it Worth Buying?

This BIO X4 review aims to be a comprehensive take on Nucific’s star product, with the kind of approach that only hindsight can generate. We will start by taking a look at the official description of the product and an in-depth analysis of the manufacturer – its status and its other products and their composition. Then, we will proceed to a thorough examination of the ingredients in “BIO X4” considering if the ingredients really do make a valid case for the purpose of weight management. A quick evaluation of the body of existing reviews will precede the final take...

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Pure Forskolin Extract: Detailed Dietary Supplement Reviews

Forskolin extract has been the talk of the town for about three years now, ever since it was featured on a popular daytime TV show, popularity to which even “almighty” Google can bear witness to. This reputation is the result of a claim few dietary supplements can make: losing weight while not embarking on a serious exercise regimen. Many manufacturers have flocked to include forskolin extract in existing recipes for weight-loss supplements, and even more, have launched their take on forskolin-starring products. In this review, we will be having Pure Forskolin Extract in our sights, advertised as a premium...

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VitaPulse by Princeton Nutrients: Supplement Review – Scam or Legit?

VitaPulse, one such supplement manufactured by a California-based company, claims to promote heart health through a formula that has antioxidant benefits, particularly at the cellular level. While many other products that purport “advanced formulas” contain at least a dozen ingredients, the manufacturers of “VitaPulse” claim to achieve significant results with the help of just three – coenzyme Q10,  N-acetylcysteine (abbreviated NAC), and pyrroloquinoline quinone (also known as PQQ). The revolutionary change in the dissemination of information brought on by the Internet has had many unforeseen consequences. One of these consequences is the trend of self-medication which has opened the...

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Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Being at the intersection of cutting-edge (controversial) research, social prejudice, and a considerable financial stake is a recipe for profound public turmoil fueled by widespread misinformation. This is the case of medical marijuana, which has gained some degree of public tolerance in the last two decades, but this is a far cry from its rightful place in society, considering the significant benefits it could bring to the table if the surrounding myths would be dispelled. In this article, our aim is to ascertain the scientific and legal status of medical marijuana (aided by a bit of historical context), clarify...

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Athletic Greens Review: Is It Life-Threatening?

AthtleticGreens is a powdered nutritional supplement, almost wholly plant-based (no toxins or ingredients of animal origin), which should have a three-pronged effect on multiple systems of your body, not just digestive – providing extensive nourishment through its impressive content of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients; improving digestion and thus a better absorption of these and other nutrients; working at a micro-level through directly delivering the nutrients to the cells. Powdered dietary supplements, also known as green drinks or superfood drinks, have definitely caught the eyes of consumers in the past few years, their popularity being a phenomenon in constant...

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