Author: Jessica Lewis

Medical Marijuana: A Plant as Medicine

Medical marijuana has been integrated into various treatments over the years but has yet to reach peak popularity.  People do not usually expect that something labeled as a “Schedule I Controlled Substance” might be so beneficial for patients suffering from severe medical conditions such as cancer or lupus. The success rate among contemporary doctors who wish to try every possible treatment in the quest for new medical discoveries is relatively high. Even so, there is one particular compound that is gaining more popularity by the day. We are talking about marijuana, but not in regards to its psychoactive effects...

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Medterra CBD Reviews: Sleeping Pills, Pain Cream, Tincture & Cannabidiol Crystalline

Medterra’s CBD product line has five cannabidiol compounds that, at least at a thorough premiere inspection, seem to be high quality, fully compliant CBD products that you can trust. The lid on top of the cannabis-filled pot has been kept tightly for a significant number of decades, but for a few years now the mixture has well and truly exploded. For interested consumers this has had a two-pronged effect – the market has been flooded with a host of questionable merchandise, while quality research has also opened the door for possibly valuable products which do not receive the attention...

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Vapor to Quit Smoking: Is It Possible?

E-cigs are electronic devices meant to turn smoking into a healthier habit by replacing tobacco with a variety of flavorful liquids. The dangers of smoking as suggested by a plethora of research projects do not seem to make people worry as much as they should. Smoking has always had a recreational purpose, and its harmful effects quickly fell to a second place. Not even the fact that it often time causes addiction raised question marks over how damaging it might be for our bodies. However, an increasing number of medical experts are willing to show people to what extent...

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CBD Oil: Medical Use, Benefits and Side Effects

CBD is one of the major constituents found in the cannabis plant, belonging to a class of compounds known as cannabinoids. The substance, which occurs naturally in marijuana plants, did not enjoy much interest until recently. Needless to say, the one it received was far from being positive. Generally speaking, it is enough only to mention the term of cannabis, and people will raise an eyebrow at you. Chances are, they will immediately think of drug addicts and rehab centers. However, the bad reputation is but a matter of misconception. New pieces of information show us that cannabis can...

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid & Safflower Oil: A Medical Approach

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a well- known weight loss aid. Mainly used for its capability to reduce body fat levels, CLA came into the spotlight once with the emergence of numerous studies conducted on its chemical composition. The milk and meat products of ruminants are its main sources. It can also be found in the eggs of chicken fed with it and in some mushroom species such as the white button mushrooms[1]. Recent research found another plant-based source, one that specialists claim to be the richest of all, namely the safflower. Evidence suggests safflower-based CLA might have potent antitumor...

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