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Meditation Techniques, Guides, Tips and Benefits

What Is Meditation In the recent years, there has been a growing need for space away from stress and overworking that characterizes modern times. Most people reported that they feel there isn’t enough time for everything in just one day. Moreover, all the stress and the constant rush lead them …

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Dealing with Depression in 5 Simple Steps

Depression is a complex notion we commonly use to describe either a persistent bad mood or negative feeling, a personality predisposition, a mental disorder or illness (clinical or major depression) or, some may argue, even a human condition (in a philosophical sense). Either way, it stands for a negative state …

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Snorting Cocoa Powder | The Chocolate Drug

In millennia of existence, psychoactive drugs have not ceased to manifest a continuous interest for people of all ages and social statuses. Sought for their perception-altering properties, they are nowadays known as nootropics. The word, derived from the Greek terms “nous”-mind and “trepein”- to bend, was not a popular one …

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Envy as Social Construct | How to Find Inner Peace

Jealousy makes life be an endless competition with those around us. It is unhealthy, extremely unpleasant and triggers the beginning of a game in which no one wins because everybody has something to lose. Envy originates from a feeling of lack deep inside us. We are not good enough, we …

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7 Successful Ways to Improve Your Mood

One’s mood is viewed as a temporary state of mind or feeling which, at first glance, is affected by external factors: anything from TV news to bad weather; even other people’s mood can impact our own. Yet, it is in our power to significantly reduce the influence of these factors …

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10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleep

Sometimes we are having a hard time falling asleep. Many of us are struggling the whole night to stay asleep. It should not be like this. Lack of sleep means more stress on the body that leads to weight gain, hormone imbalances, infertility, premature aging, hair loss, and lowered immune …

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Alcohol Detox and Rehab Side Effects

Alcoholism has become nowadays an issue that is considered more often not a psychological problem, mainly because it causes addiction and the addict needs medical support and professional help to overcome it. The process, a rather difficult one, which the future patient goes through is called “alcohol detox.” Importance of …

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Free Trials & Autoship Programs Scams

Free Trial Offers & Autoship Programs Scams Sometimes a Free Trial it turns out to be a very expensive way to try a product. Even if you want to stop receiving that product the company continues to charge you specific amounts every month. An offer that you cannot turn it …

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