Author: Mary Cross

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Vaping

In our modern age, electronic cigarettes are a popular alternative to regular cigarettes. These electronic devices come in many different types, sizes, shapes, and brands. Usually, people that consider purchasing an electronic cigarette are either occasional or hardcore smokers already. They consider switching to electronic cigarettes for health reasons, or they just need to quit smoking altogether. Can electronic cigarettes help you decrease your daily tobacco dosage, improve your health and eventually help you quit smoking entirely? Through customer feedback and researched information, we aim to answer these questions. Debates, Research, And Tests The electronic cigarettes have grown in...

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Sleep Disorders and Complementary Health Approaches

Scientists identified more than 80 different sleep problems. The most common sleep disorder is called insomnia. If you experience a difficulty in falling asleep or a difficulty in staying asleep, then you have insomnia. Some people who feel tired and cannot focus properly during the day have an actual sleep disorder. Other people just don’t have enough time to rest. Studies confirmed that an adult needs between 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night to feel well-rested, but most of the people sleep for less than 7 hours a night. Dealing with Sleep Disorders Most of us had...

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5 Ways to Protect Your Skin during Summer

The Sun Sunlight, warmth and vacation are among the greatest things that summer brings along. There is nothing more beautiful than a glowing, healthy, sun-colored skin. It is strange and yet true that the sun is more like what ancient Greek called a “pharmakon”, something that can act both as a cure and poison, something that can either heal or damage. Sun exposure is essential for the proper functioning of our bodies, for various reasons. First of all, as far as our skin uses sunlight to enact the vitamin D synthesis: this is almost exclusively our only way of...

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Alcohol Detox | Step by Step Guide to Full Recovery

Moderate Amount of Alcohol The French paradox comes to our mind when we think about the effects of consuming alcohol. Used for the first time in late 1980, this expresses the unusual situation of French people, who have a diet rich in saturated fats, but still have a low incidence of coronary diseases. Among the theories that explain the low number of coronary heart disease include the fact that French are avid consumers of red wine. Even if some French dishes are full of saturated fats, a delicious glass of red wine with excellent therapeutic properties accompanies them. Thus,...

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Alcohol Detox and Rehab Side Effects

Alcoholism has become nowadays an issue that is considered more often not a psychological problem, mainly because it causes addiction and the addict needs medical support and professional help to overcome it. The process, a rather difficult one, which the future patient goes through is called “alcohol detox.” Importance of Alcohol Detox Reasons of an Alcohol Addict to Seek Assistance Alcohol Detox Relapse Prevention Alcohol addiction Today’s society offers all sorts of means through which we can forget, even for a few hours, the stress caused either by the job, financial problems or the heated family discussions. One of...

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